This is so fucking powerful. It shows how someone can be suicidal right in front of everyone and everyone’s too blind to see the truth, let alone try to help.

Oh my fuck , this is one of the best photo’s I will ever see

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  • bae: come over
  • me: do you have food
  • bae: my parents aren't home
  • me: are they coming back with food
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I believe in black love. (x) (x) (x)

#i like these couples and i don’t give a shit if anyone has some judgment to do about any of them :)

Mary Jane and ole boy???? REALLY?? The Misfits couple??? Nahhhhh bruh.. I love black love but good lord no.. 

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this is so ridiculous, women do not need to be given permission from their boyfriends to wear certain clothing. when you are in a relationship you should be equals; a boyfriend is not a parent. Also, the way someone is dressed does not justify trying to break a relationship up. shit like this makes me want to delete my twitter.

become an ore girl. embrace your true form and destiny as a sparkling being of pure mineral. wear your booty shorts with pride and coldly watch despair in the eyes of man and dwarf alike. live in the strength and stability of your palace of stone and bury those who would condemn you in tonnes of soft, smothering earth. you are not concerned with them. they are mortal and will soon rot and decay as a tomato in a bog. you are an ore girl. you are bedrock.


remember when Cosmo didn’t tell Mama Cosma he married Wanda so when he went to see her he told her he was out getting milk for the past 10,000 years

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Best part is how native americans are represented by air benders in these gifs and the fire nation attempted to wipe out all air benders

Only those who actually watched the show understood what was going on in this post

so stop complaining why the asians arent fire benders and why the native americans arent water benders

its american history

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A short story of a college students life

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Enjoy this before your nap.






"Hey! Jackson is trying tah escape!"

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Just stare and play Immigrant Song in your head.

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